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Are we Meeting the Goal of Responsible Environmental Behavior? An Examination of Nature and Environmental Education Center Goals

Simmons, D. A. (1991). Are we meeting the goal of responsible environmental behavior? An examination of nature and environmental education center goals. Journal of Environmental Education, 22, 3, 16-21.
Examined the congruence between the expressed goals of nature and environmental education controls in the US and a proposed behavior model. Data were collected when 100 youth conf…

Life Paths into Effective Environmental Action

Chawla, Louise. (1999). Life paths into effective environmental action. . Journal of Environmental Education, 31, 1, 15-26.
Explored US and Norwegian environmentalists' self-awareness of the experiences that have led them to a sense of connection to the environment and dedication to protect it. Str…

Factors Influencing Household Recycling Behavior

Oskamp, S., Harrington, M. J., Edwards, T. C., Sherwood, D. L., Okuda, S. M., & Swanson, D. C. (1991). Factors influencing household recycling behavior. Environment and Behavior, 23, 4, 494-519.
Conducted telephone interviews to study the recycling behavior, attitudes, and knowledge of 221 adults in a suburban city that had begun a citywide curbside recycling program with…

Testing the Effectiveness of Supermarket-Based Environmental Shopping Campaigns in Changing Consumer Behavior in New York City

Clarke, Marjorie J. (Apr 2000). Testing the effectiveness of supermarket-based environmental shopping campaigns in changing consumer behavior in New York City. . Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: the Sciences & Engineering., 60, 9B, p. 4491.
To advance waste prevention research, this study tested two environmental shopping educational campaigns in Manhattan supermarkets to impart information and motivation to shop…

Mask Use, Messaging, and Social Norms

Liz Foote Maui June 03, 2020 01:58 AM
As someone who’s had an N-95 mask in my carry on flight kit for years (alongside my spray bottle of 70% rubbing alcohol…), I have been really interested in following all the messa…

Water Efficiency Durham

A measure is said to be cost-effective if the costs associated with implementing the measure are less than the costs associated with not implementing it. Water saved as part of a…

What Research Says to the Educator: II. Environmental Education and the Affective Domain

Iozzi, L. A. (1989). What research says to the educator: II. Environmental education and the affective domain. Journal of Environmental Education, 20, 4, 6-13.
Discusses the importance of the affective domain in environmental education (EE). Seven recommendations for educators are made: (1) Infuse EE into existing curricula for kinderg…

Students as Catalysts of Environmental Change: A Framework for Researching Intergenerational Influence through Environmental Education

Ballantyne, R., Connell, S., & Fien, J. (2006). Students as Catalysts of Environmental Change: A Framework for Researching Intergenerational Influence through Environmental Education. Environmental Education Research, 12, 413-427.
Many environmental problems are desperately in need of attention. Educating both adults and young people is seen as part of the solution to such problems. Given this situation, an…

Targeting Consumers who are Willing to Pay More for Environmentally Friendly Products

Laroche, Michel; Bergeron, Jasmin; Barbaro-Forleo, Guido (2001). Targeting consumers who are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products. . Journal of Consumer Marketing, 18, 6, 503-520.
Concerns related to the environment are evident in the increasingly ecologically conscious marketplace. Using various statistical analyses, this paper investigates the demogra…

Behavior Change for Nature: A Behavioral Science Toolkit for Practitioners

Julie Cook Waterloo October 21, 2020 06:04 PM
Hi all, I just lectured about biodiversity loss at the University of Waterloo, and have recently come across a fabulous behaviour change toolkit for practitioners working in the …

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