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Energy Conservation: Two Easy Ways Out

Van-der-Pligt, J. (1985). Energy conservation: Two easy ways out. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 15, 1, 3-15.
Investigated attitude-behavior relationships in the context of energy conservation, using data from questionnaires administered to 219 Dutch Ss (average age 43.9 yrs) from rural a…

Patterns of Residential Energy Behavior

van-Raaij, W. F., & Verhallen, T. M. (1983). Patterns of residential energy behavior. Journal of Economic Psychology, 4, 1-2, 85-106.
Investigated energy-related behavioral patterns, based on self-reported behaviors of 145 households in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands. Energy-related behavior may not be a separate …

Involvement and Need for Cognition as Moderators of Beliefs-Attitude-Intention Consistency

Verplanken, B. (1989). Involvement and need for cognition as moderators of beliefs-attitude-intention consistency. British Journal of Social Psychology, 28, 2, 115-122.
Surveyed 2,439 residents of The Netherlands to examine moderating effects of involvement and need for cognition in the relationships between beliefs, attitudes, and behavioral int…

Ideological and Demographic Correlates of Proecology Behavior

Weigel, R. H. (1977). Ideological and demographic correlates of proecology behavior. Journal of Social Psychology, 103, 1, 39-47.
Previous studies of the ideological and demographic characteristics of environmentalists have used attitude measures to distinguish persons with a pro-ecology orientation. Concern…

Increasing Attitude-Behavior Correspondence by Broadening the Scope of the Behavioral Measure

Weigel, R. H. & Newman, L. S. (1976). Increasing attitude-behavior correspondence by broadening the scope of the behavioral measure. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 33, 6, 793-802.
Concerns about the adequacy of both the methodology and behavioral criteria employed in much of the past research on attitude-behavior consistency prompted this field experiment. …

Attitudes toward Nuclear Energy: Familiarity and Salience

Van-der-Pligt, J., Eiser, J. R. & Spears, R. (1986). Attitudes toward nuclear energy: Familiarity and salience. Environment and Behavior, 18, 1, 75-93.
Examined attitudes toward the building of a nuclear power station in one's locality. 648 residents (mean age 47.7 yrs) of 4 small rural communities that were selected as possible …

Public Concerns about LLRW Facility Siting: A Comparative Study. Special Issue: Risk and Culture

Vari, A., Kemp, R., & Mumpower, J. L. (1991). Public concerns about LLRW facility siting: A comparative study. Special Issue: Risk and culture. Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 22, 1, 83-102.
Performed a comparative analysis of public concerns about siting low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) disposal facilities in the US, the UK, and Hungary. Analysis was based on publi…

College Students and Recycling: Their Attitudes and Behaviors

Williams, E. (1991). College students and recycling: Their attitudes and behaviors. Journal of College Student Development, 32, 1, 86-88.
Surveyed 237 university students concerning their knowledge of and attitudes toward recycling and its environmental implications. 81% of the Ss reported at least some knowledge an…

Assessing the Long-Term Effects of an Environmental Education Program: A Pragmatic Approach

Westphal, J. M., & Halverson, W. F. (1986). Assessing the long-term effects of an environmental education program: A pragmatic approach. Journal of Environmental Education, 17, 2, 26-30.
Examines the long-term effects of an environmental education program specifically designed to involve citizens in environmental affairs concerning water quality. Feedback from 51 …

Attitudes versus Actions: The Relationship of Verbal and Overt Behavioral Responses to Attitude Objects

Wicker, A. W. (1969). Attitudes versus actions: The relationship of verbal and overt behavioral responses to attitude objects. Journal of Social Issues, 25, 41-78.

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