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Teaching Plan for Music & Sustainability

Susie Lewis Gainesville December 17, 2008 11:50 AM
I was wondering if anyone had any creative ways of tying in sustainability into lesson plans for fine arts, specifically music. The target audience is elementary aged students. …

Ecological Worldview and Environmental Knowledge: The "New Environmental Paradigm"

Arcury, T. A., Johnson, T. P. & Scollay, S. J. (1986). Ecological worldview and environmental knowledge: The "New Environmental Paradigm". Journal of Environmental Education, 17, 4, 35-40.
With the increased societal awareness of environmental issues, social scientists have expanded their examination of environmentally related topics. One component of this expansio…

Thank you, Professor Knapp, but ... Still More Objections to the Use of Values Clarification in Environmental Education

Baer, R. A., Jr. (1985). Thank you, Professor Knapp, but ... Still more objections to the use of values clarification in environmental education. Journal of Environmental Education, 16, 4, 33-41.

The Effects of Order of Test Administration on Environmental Attitudes

Armstrong, J. B., & Impara, J. C. (1990). The effects of order of test administration on environmental attitudes. Journal of Environmental Education, 21, 3, 37-39.
Administered 1 of 4 knowledge tests based on the content of 4 issues of the National Wildlife Federation's NatureScope to 101 5th- and 6th-grade students in conjunction with a…

Conservation Behavior as the Outcome of Environmental Education

Asch, J. & Shore, B. M. (1975). Conservation behavior as the outcome of environmental education. Journal of Environmental Education, 6, 4, 25-33.

A Curriculum for the Conservation of People and their Environment

Brennan, M. J. (1986). A curriculum for the conservation of people and their environment. Journal of Environmental Education, 17, 4, 1-12.

Content Analysis: A Technique for Measuring Attitudes Expressed in Environmental Education Literature

Burrus-Bammel, L. L., Bammel, G., & Kopitsky, K. (1988). Content analysis: A technique for measuring attitudes expressed in environmental education literature. Journal of Environmental Education, 19, 4, 32-37.
Demonstrated a content analysis approach to documentary research involving archive material. The 5 steps of (1) defining the population, (2) determining the sample, (3) isolatin…

A Review of Environmental Values Education

Caduto, M. (1983). A review of environmental values education. Journal of Environmental Education, 14, 3, 13-21.
Discusses effective strategies for environmental values education (EVE). Eight major strategies to be considered in general moral education are examined: the laissez faire approac…

Challenges for Environmental Education Planners

Childress, R. B. & Wert, J. (1976). Challenges for environmental education planners. Journal of Environmental Education, 7, 4, 2-6.

Curriculum: The Voice of Nature

Cohen, M. J. (1983). Curriculum: The voice of nature. Journal of Instructional Psychology, 10, 3, 109-118.
Discusses a subconscious anti-nature mentality in Americans that divides the planet and people's wholeness, laying the foundation for the unwholesome environmental, spiritual, a…

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