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Dissemination and Implementation Research on Community-Based Cancer Prevention: A Systematic Review

Rabin, B.A., Glasgow, R.E., Kerner, J.F., Klump, M.P., Brownson, R.C. (2010). Dissemination and implementation research on community-based cancer prevention: A systematic review. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 38(4), 443-456.
Context: An extensive array of effective interventions for the prevention of cancer exists, suggesting that evidence is ready for widespread use. However, few of these approaches …

Diffusion of an Effective Skin Cancer Prevention Program: Design, Theoretical Foundations, and First-Year Implementation

Glanz, K., Elliott, T., Steffen, A., O'Riordan, D. (2005). Diffusion of an effective skin cancer prevention program: Design, theoretical foundations, and first-year implementation. Health Psychology, 24(5), 477-487.
This article describes the design and theoretical foundations of the Pool Cool Diffusion Trial and reports 1st-year findings. Aims of the study are to evaluate the effects of 2 st…

A Sociotechnical Mapping of Domestic Biomass Heating Systems in Austria

Rohracher, H. (2002). A sociotechnical mapping of domestic biomass heating systems in Austria. Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society, 22(6), 474-483.
Introducing the perspective of science and technology studies (STS) to the analysis of the design and adoption of environmentally friendly technologies may help develop more effec…

Information and Agricultural Development in Tanzania: A Critique

Manda, P. A. (2002). Information and agricultural development in Tanzania: A critique. Information Development, 18(3), 181-189.
Provides a critical evaluation of the relationship between the flow of information and the pace and process of agricultural change and development in rural Tanzania. Examines the …

Emergence and Robustness of a Community Discussion Network on Mercury Contamination and Health in the Brazilian Amazon

Mertens, F., Saint-Charles, J., Lucotte, M., & Mergler, D. (2008). Emergence and robustness of a community discussion network on mercury contamination and health in the Brazilian Amazon. Health Education & Behavior, 35(4), 509 - 521
Information exchanges, debates, and negotiations through community social networks are essential to ensure the sustainability of the development process initiated in participatory…

No Dawn for 'New Dawn'

Kumar, A., Shankar, R., & Momaya, K. K. (2009). No dawn for New Dawn: The non-diffusion of an innovation. Asian Journal of Management Cases, 6(1), 27 - 35.
This case describes events in the build-up to the diffusion of an innovation before it has reached critical mass. The innovation in question is the large-scale use of renewable en…

Implementing, Embedding, and Integrating Practices: An Outline of Normalization Process Theory

May, C., & Finch, T. (2009). Implementing, embedding, and integrating practices: An outline of normalization process theory. Sociology, 43(3), 535 - 554.
Understanding the processes by which practices become routinely embedded in everyday life is a long-standing concern of sociology and the other social sciences. It has important a…

Validation of a Theoretical Model Linking Organizational Fit and Diffusion of Innovation in Information Systems Development

Gladwin, J. & Wilson, T. D. (2000). Validation of a theoretical model linking organizational fit and diffusion of innovation in information systems development. Health Informatics Journal, 6, 219 - 227.
Exploratory, inductive analysis has not validated the linking of diffusion of innovation and dynamic equilibrium frameworks by grounding these theories in empirical information sy…

The Role of Action Research in the Investigation and Diffusion of Innovations in Health Care: The PRIDE Project

Waterman, H., Marshall, M., Noble, J., Davies, H., Walshe, K., Sheaff, R., & Elwyn, G. (2007). The role of action research in the investigation and diffusion of innovations in health care: The PRIDE project. Qualitative Health Research, 17(3), 373 - 381.
In this article, the authors discuss the role of action research in relation to the investigation and practical implementation of innovations in health care. The diffusion of inno…

Voluntary Adopters versus Forced Adopters: Integrating the Diffusion of Innovation Theory and the Technology Acceptance Model to Study Intra-Organizational Adoption

Zhou, Y. (2008). Voluntary adopters versus forced adopters: integrating the diffusion of innovation theory and the technology acceptance model to study intra-organizational adoption. New Media & Society, 10(3), 475 - 496.
This study extends diffusion research to the intra-organizational level and integrates the classic diffusion of innovation theory (DIT) with the relatively new technology acceptan…

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