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Environmental Values, Beliefs, and Actions: A Situational Approach

Corraliza, Jose A.; Berenguer, Jaime (2000). "Environmental values, beliefs, and actions: A situational approach.". Environment & Behavior, 32, 6, 832-848.
This study investigated the influence of the interaction between personal and situational variables in environmental behavior and the predictive power of values and beliefs. Three…

Successfully Changing Individual Travel Behavior: Applying Community-Based Social Marketing to Travel Choice

Cooper, C. (2007). Successfully changing individual travel behavior: Applying community-based social marketing to travel choice. Transportation Research Record, (2021), pp. 88-99.
This paper demonstrates that community-based social marketing techniques can be successfully used to affect people's transportation awareness and behavior, as deployed in Washingt…

Social Influence: Compliance and Conformity

Cialdini, R. B., & Goldstein, N. J. (2004). Social influence: Compliance and conformity. Annual Review of Psychology 55(1), 591-621.
This review covers recent developments in the social influence literature, focusing primarily on compliance and conformity research published between 1997 and 2002. The principles…

A Community-Wide Intervention to Improve Pedestrian Safety: Guidelines for Institutionalizing Large-Scale Behavior Change

Boyce, T. E., & Geller, E. S. (2000). A community-wide intervention to improve pedestrian safety: Guidelines for institutionalizing large-scale behavior change. Environment and Behavior, 32(4), 502520.
An A-B-A reversal design with a long-term follow-up evaluated a community-wide commitment and incentive program to improve pedestrian safety. The campaign encouraged residents …

Encouraging College Students to Support Pro-Environment Behavior: Effects of Direct versus Indirect Rewards

Boyce, T. E., & Geller, E. S. (2001). Encouraging college students to support pro-environment behavior: Effects of direct versus indirect rewards. Environment & Behavior, 33(1), 107-125.
Ways to increase the delivery of a special thank-you card following behavior that protected the environment or helped another person were addressed. In Study 1, direct rewards …

Attitudes and Behavior Toward the Environment: The Case of Lake Burdur in Turkey

Aytülkasapoglu, M., & Ecevit, M. C. (2002). Attitudes and behavior toward the environment: The case of Lake Burdur in Turkey. Environment and Behavior, 34(3), 363-377.
This article aims to identify the variables that appear to be most influential in motivating individuals to participate in environmentally responsible behavior in a western city o…

Managerial Discretion and Corporate Commitment to the Natural Environment

Aragón-Correa, J., Matías-Reche, F., & Senise-Barrio, M. (2004). Managerial discretion and corporate commitment to the natural environment. Journal of Business Research, 57(9), 964-975.
This article considers possible associations between executive discretion and corporate environmental commitment, developing competing hypotheses from two alternative approaches: …

The Foot-In-The-Door Compliance Procedure: A Multiple-Process Analysis and Review

Burger, J. (1999). The foot-in-the-door compliance procedure: A multiple-process analysis and review. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 3(4), 303-325.
Reviewed research on the social compliance procedure known as the foot-in-the-door (FITD) technique. Several psychological processes that may be set in motion with a FITD manipula…

Open Rates for Email Communications

Karin Stark London December 15, 2008 12:57 PM
Hi, Does anyone have what the average open rates and opt outs are for email newsletters/communications? At Transport for London, we are running a campaign that seeks to ask i…

A Trend Analysis of Environmentalists' Organizational Commitment, Tactic Advocacy, and Perceptions of Government

Bartell, T. & St. George, A. (1974). A trend analysis of environmentalists' organizational commitment, tactic advocacy, and perceptions of government. Journal of Voluntary Action Research, 3, 3-4, 41-46.

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