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Decision Making in Environmental Education: Notes from Research in the Dutch NME-VO Project

de-Jager, H. & Van-der-Loo, F. (1990). Decision making in environmental education: Notes from research in the Dutch NME-VO Project. Journal of Environmental Education, 22, 1, 33-43.
Decision making is often mentioned as an important feature of teaching science in technological and social context. In the Dutch project on environmental education (NME-VO), scien…

Promoting Source Reduction Behavior: The Role of Motivational Information

De Young, R., Duncan, A., Frank, J., Gill, N., Rothman, S., Shenot, J., Shotkin, A. & Zweizig, M. (1993). Promoting source reduction behavior: The role of motivational information. Environment and Behavior, 25, 1, 70-85.
Investigated the degree to which source reduction (SR) behavior in households could be enhanced using economic and environmental rationales among 103 grocery shoppers. An educat…

It Takes More than Information to Save Energy

Geller, E. S. (1992). It takes more than information to save energy. American Psychologist, 47, 6, 814-815.
Contributes to the M. L. Dennis et al (see PA, Vol 78:8669) review of social and behavioral science literature related to the failure to change human behavior on a large scale for…

Bringing Global Education to the University and the Community

Edmisten, P. T. (1986). Bringing global education to the university and the community. Journal of Environmental Education, 17, 2, 11-13.
Describes the content and development of an interdisciplinary course at a university that addresses the global issues of food, population, energy, environment, arms and security, …

Applied Behavior Analysis and Social Marketing: An Integration for Environmental Preservation

Geller, E. S. (1989). Applied behavior analysis and social marketing: An integration for environmental preservation. Journal of Social Issues, 45, 1, 17-36.
Basic principles of applied behavior analysis and social marketing are reviewed with reference to the development of action plans to protect the environment. Behavior-change pro…

Reducing Residential Electrical Energy Use: Payments, Information and Feedback

Hayes, S. C., & Cone, J. D. (1977). Reducing residential electrical energy use: Payments, information and feedback. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 10, 3, 425-435.
Monetary payments, energy information, and daily feedback on consumption were employed to reduce electricity use in 4 units of an 80-unit university student housing complex for ma…

Analysis and Synthesis of Research on Responsible Environmental Behavior: A Meta-Analysis

Hines, J. M., Hungerford, H. R., & Tomera, A. N. (1987). Analysis and synthesis of research on responsible environmental behavior: A meta-analysis. Journal of Environmental Education, 18, 2, 1-8.
Conducted a meta-analysis of environmental behavior research that was undertaken in an attempt to determine which variable or variables are most influential in motivating individu…

Changing Learner Behavior through Environmental Education

Hungerford, H. R., & Volk, T. L. (1990). Changing learner behavior through environmental education. Journal of Environmental Education, 21, 3, 8-21.
Contrasts traditional thinking in the field of environmental education (EE) with research findings. The evolution of the behavioral model is traced, focusing on 3 categories of v…

Effects of Cost-Related Feedback on Consumer Knowledge and Consumption Behavior: A Field Experimental Approach

Hutton, R. B., Mauser, G. A., Filiatrault, P., & Ahtola, O. T. (1986). Effects of cost-related feedback on consumer knowledge and consumption behavior: A field experimental approach. Journal of Consumer Research, 13, 3, 327-336.
Attempted to extend feedback research concerning resource conservation using a conceptual framework for feedback that included environmental (energy concerns, consumer information…

Litter Reduction: A Review and Integration of the Literature. Special Issue: Litter Control and Recycling

Huffman, K. T., Grossnickle, W. F., Cope, J. G., & Huffman, K. P. (1995). Litter reduction: A review and integration of the literature. Special Issue: Litter control and recycling. Environment and Behavior, 27, 2, 153-183.
Examined 40 articles and 59 studies that employed either an antecedent strategy (ATS) or consequence strategy (CQS) to integrate behavioral and social changes in communities and i…

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