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Factors Influencing Individual Recycling Behavior in Office Settings: A study of Office Workers in Taiwan

Lee, Y. J., De Young, R., & Marans, R. W. (1995). Factors influencing individual recycling behavior in office settings: A study of office workers in Taiwan. Environment and Behavior, 27, 3, 380-403.
Examined office recycling behavior through a survey administered to 1,788 Taiwanese workers. The survey measured household and office recycling behavior, commitment to recycling, …

Commitment, Behavior, and Attitude Change: An Analysis of Voluntary Recycling. Special Issue: Green Psychology

Werner, C. M., Turner, J., Shipman, K., Twitchell, F. S., et al. (1995). Commitment, behavior, and attitude change: An analysis of voluntary recycling. Special Issue: Green psychology. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 15, 3, 197-208.
Describes a project designed to help local agencies select a method of inducing residents to participate in a free curbside recycling program. The project also provided an opportu…

Crime, Commitment, and the Responsive Bystander: Two Field Experiments

Moriarty, T. (1975). Crime, commitment, and the responsive bystander: Two field experiments. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 31, 2, 370-376.
In two field experiments it was demonstrated that bystanders more readily intervene to stop a theft if they have committed themselves in advance to the victim. During the summer …

Counting on Blood Donors: Increasing the Impact of Reminder Calls

Lipsitz, A., Kallmeyer, K., Ferguson, M., & Abas, A. (1989). Counting on blood donors: Increasing the impact of reminder calls. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 19, 13, 1057-1067.
Two experiments were conducted to see if blood drive attendance could be increased by altering the content of reminder calls. In Experiment 1 college students received either a s…

The Effects of Non-Contingent Free Bus Tickets and Personal Commitment on Urban Bus Ridership

Bachman, W. , & Katzev, R. (1982). The effects of non-contingent free bus tickets and personal commitment on urban bus ridership. Transportation Research, 16A, 2, 103-108.
To compare the effects of free rides and commitment to a performance goal on increasing bus ridership in an urban setting, 83 non-bus riding automobile drivers were exposed to one…

Fear Appeals, Individual Differences, and Environmental Concern

Hine, D. W., & Gifford, R. (1991). Fear appeals, individual differences, and environmental concern. Journal of Environmental Education, 23, 1, 36-41.
Examined the effect of a brief but intense antipollution message (APM) on verbal commitment (stated willingness to act) and on 3 forms of immediate behavioral commitment (donating…

Sex Differences in Bystander Intervention in a Theft

Austin, W. (1979). Sex differences in bystander intervention in a theft. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 37, 11, 2110-2120.
A series of studies demonstrated a strong relationship among the situation-defining variable of degree of harm to victim, sexual configuration among participants, and bystanders'…

A Test of a Model for Commitment

Kiesler, C. A., & Sakumura, J. (1966). A test of a model for commitment. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 3, 3, 349-353.
Commitment is defined as a binding of the individual to behavioral acts, and a theoretical model is presented for the role of commitment in attitude change. The derivation tested…

The Effects of Public Commitment and Group Feedback on Curbside Recycling. Special Issue: Litter Control and Recycling

DeLeon, I. G., & Fuqua, R. W. (1995). The effects of public commitment and group feedback on curbside recycling. Special Issue: Litter control and recycling. Environment and Behavior, 27, 2, 233-250.
Examined the effects of 3 community interventions that rely on socially mediated consequences, rather than financial incentives, to promote consumer recycling. 20 households in th…

The Effect of Commitment on Adoption and Diffusion of Grass Cycling. Special Issue: Litter Control and Recycling

Cobern, M. K., Porter, B.E., Leeming, F.C., & Dwyer, W.O. (1995). The effect of commitment on adoption and diffusion of grass cycling. Special Issue: Litter control and recycling. Environment and Behavior, 27, 2, 213-232.
Tested the effects of 2 levels of commitment to grass cycling (GC; i.e., not bagging grass clippings). During 4 wks of baseline, data were collected for all houses in 3 homogenous…

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