greenupdate October 28, 2005

How much energy is wasted by leaving my computer on overnight, (Given average wattage of a machine in sleep mode, you could answer this one.) David Whitehouse at Peterborough (Ontario, Canada) Utilities Services just gave me the answer to this one for a column I'm working on. Here are two pages from a powerpoint presentation (Canadian dollars; current Peterborough electricity rates): This Computer was shut down every night at 4:30 and all Weekend over the last week. It used 4.48 kWh in one week and would use 215 kWh in a Year. That equates to $23.65 in a Year This Computer has been running all day, every night and all Weekend for the Last week! It used 20.68 kWh in one week and would use 993 kWh in a Year. That equates to $109.19 in a Year. The difference, I am noting in my column, is $85.54 for the year, or $427.70 over five years, just about enough to pay for a new CPU, which you are going to need after five years anyway.


John Bird,
Communications Coordinator Peterborough Green-Up
360 George St. N (Peterborough Square, lower level)