tathra street North Coburg, Victoria Mar 19, 2006 21:59 pm

Hello Community Based Social Marketing Folks!

I'm looking for strategies and advice in the area of getting bureaucrats onside. We are developing a proposal to a large municipality that is outsourcing their sustainable transport program due to budget constraints (and facing congestion problems). Recognition for the value of the program is not present in the decision maker who is facing significant pressure to adhere to an employment freeze. The primariy proponent of the proposal has been working on the program for some time making efforts to demonstrate the benefits of a sustainable behaviour change program and the importance of relationship development over the long term. I suspect that the bureaucrat hears budget blowout when long term relationships are emphasised as the key to the success of these programs. So I'm asking if list members have had experience with successfully engaging decision makers in sustainable behaviour change as the best route?

Thanks folks!
Tathra Street