William Angel June 8, 2006


I wonder if anyone can provide any references that provide an Estimate/calculation of how many days or years or decades or eons worth of stored solar energy are consumed each day in oil, coal, natural gas, wood, etc.? Estimate/calculation of how much solar energy the earth receives daily? Estimate/ calculation of how much of that daily solar energy it would take to satisfy the needs of humanity or a bio-region or a community or a person for a day? Estimate/calculation of the amount of solar energy that is currently harnessed for human use? Estimate/calculation of the amount of solar energy that could be feasiblely harnessed for human use given current technologies? Estimate/ calculation of the days or years or decades that our current standard of living can be maintained, without having to forcibly take the remaining energy reserves from the people who live on the land were the energy reserves are stored? I think that these types of figures could be one effective way to communicate about the rapid decrease in available energy for our standard of living, the immediate need for conservation, and the immediate need for expanded application of current technologies to harness the solar energy available each day. I appreciate any information references and to-scale anecdotes on the subject.

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