Leanne Lobe Kitchener Jul 18, 2006 9:39 am

I am developing programs to acheive reductions of de-icing salt use on private sites. Specifically our target audience for these programs are companies/institutions which have large paved land areas that require winter maintenance and use large quantities of salt. We are not targetting homeowners. I have compiled a list of behaviours (see below) which will minimize the impacts of salt on our groundwater resources. Does anyone have (or leads to) information which will help me to identify which behaviours are most likely to be completed by industry and institutions or which will acheive the greatest reduction of chloride impacts?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Leanne Lobe
Water Resources Protection Region of Waterloo
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List of Salt Reduction Behaviours:
Shut down areas not requiring maintenance
Locate snow stockpiles away from paved areas
Intercept drainage and direct it away from paved areas
Plow snow to the low side of the paved area
Redirect water from roof drains to grassed areas or into the ground
Improve drainage so melt water does not accumulate
Repair catch basins to eliminate ponding
Repair rough/broken pavement
Revise site design to facilitate mechanical snow removal
Cover salt stockpiles
Store salt stockpiles on an impermeable pad
Direct site drainage away from stored salt
Load salt under cover
Have spill containment for liquid storage tanks
Protect liquid storage tanks from vehicle impacts
Install snow fencing to reduce/eliminate snow drifting
Pre-wet salt
Use a liquid anti-icer
Plow before applying de-icers
Use alternative de-icing products