Laura Speare Oakland September 18, 2006


I'm the project manager for the Urban Pesticide Pollution Prevention Project, a grant-funded effort that (among other tasks) provides tools to local governments in the San Francisco Bay Area to support their efforts to reduce municipal pesticide use and to conduct outreach to their communities on less-toxic methods of pest control. My project is tasked with providing some recommendations to local governments on how they can best evaluate the success of their efforts. I'm looking for case studies, tools, reports, etc. that do one or more of the following: --Document the success of pollution prevention actions (especially those aimed at reducing pesticide use)
--Discuss evaluation tools/methods for source control/pollution prevention
--Evaluate the effectiveness of public outreach/education campaigns (again, especially those aimed at reducing pesticide use)
I would appreciate any relevant information/links you have.

Laura Speare

Project Manager
Urban Pesticide Pollution Prevention Project