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Jay Kassirer Ottawa July 30, 2007

I'm seeking models or examples of ambassador / peer recruitment / block leader / brand evangelist programs. Doug Mckenzie-Mohr has been encouraging the use of social diffusion and block leaders for years. And as Craig Lefebvre recently said in an article about brand evangelism that he posted to his blog, .. "Reaching through people is the best way to reach people. .. People trust and are most receptive to messages that come from others like them. .. Interpersonal communication is the most effective method for behavior change. .. Social support enhances maintenance of change. .. Advocacy for behavior change also supports one's long term practice of the behavior as well." Yet, from what I've seen so far, there are few good examples of successful programs designed to encourage and support ambassadors / peer recruiters / block leaders / brand evangelists. I'm looking for some and would be happy to share what I find. I'm working on an assignment for a utility that wants to start an energy conservation ambassador program for residential customers. However, while utility and other conservation examples would certainly be relevant and interesting, I'm looking for residential models from any subject area (and from businesses as well as governments and NGOs). If you have an article or report describing the program and/or contact details you can send me, please do.


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