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Jay Kassirer Ottawa December 13, 2007

Webinar on Increasing Waste Diversion Through the Use of Clear Garbage Bags, Friday January 18

During the past few years a number of municipalities in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada have significantly increased the volume of recyclables and organics diverted from landfill, by switching to clear bags for garbage collection. Learn what they did, how they overcame citizen concerns about privacy, fairness and increased costs, and what they achieved.

Friday January 18, 2008, 12 noon Eastern time.
Presenters: Amy Hillyard and Nicole Haverkort
Participants will view the PowerPoint presentation using their web browsers while listening on their telephones to the presentation. Since the presentation is live, participants can ask questions, make comments and exchange advice, all without leaving their offices. The cost is US$ 50 per connection and there's no limit on how many participants can use the same connection. For more details or to register, go to http://www.cullbridge.com/Services/Social_Marketing_Workshops.htm Comments from our confidential post-webinar evaluations include the following: ..
"Better than a typical conference session - more interactive, more really interested folks." ..
"The Highlights Series is a great way to learn. Whether or not a specific webinar is on your topic of work, you can still generalize the information. Makes social marketing concepts come alive." ..
"It gave me a chance to explore community change processes for a different set of behaviours than I usually get involved in."
"Valuable information and an easy-to-follow format." ..
"Informative and fun ..you can ask questions easily and get answers as fast." ..
"I plan to urge all my co-workers to participate in these webinars." ..
"You can learn at your own desk for a fraction of what you'd pay going to an out-of-town workshop or seminar. "

Want to Participate From Outside North America?
"I have used Skype-Out to phone into the webinar from South Africa and once connected it works perfectly. It is ridiculously cheap - about 2 Euros for a 90 minute session. .... Your real life examples give the theory life and aid deeper comprehension." Angelika Wilhelm-Rechmann Johannesburg, South Africa


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