Nancy Adams Le Roy December 29, 2007


the book Fostering Sustainable Behavior, and social marketing were mentioned in Richard Heinberg's latest book -- Peak Everything Waking up to the Century of Declines, on pages 138-40. Heinberg admires cbsm but doubts that it can be done on a large-enough scale to get enough people around the world to change their behavior to make a difference before the various collapses he believes are coming occur. I don't want to debate this last point, PLEASE. However, I think the basic question of how we rachet things up so the entire global community is involved in changing our ways to protect the planet deserves serious thought. I live 10 miles from the Iowa border; and the one television station I get through the airwaves has been bombarded with political ads. (For those of you who don't live in the U.S. the first step in electing a new president in November 2008 begins with a caucus in Iowa on January 3). John Edwards is ahead in the polls today for the first time, and the message that really seems to have struck a cord is How Can You Face Your Children if you let the corporations destroy the middle class...destroy the environment...steal your childrens future, etc. I often thought this is a really strong message to get people to change their behavior and put the interest of the future, where their children and grandchildren will be living, ahead of momentary self-gratification. What do people think about these two thoughts?

Thanks to all of you who share your amazing knowledge.
Nancy Adams