Karen Alexander July 9, 2008

Our new community environment network of about 15 groups is aiming at "restoration" of the natural environment in our area - an area of about 30 X 10 km that also houses about 10,000 people. One of the main threats is weeds. This is a very hard issue to regulate (except for weeds that are of major threat to agriculture), and so we're looking for ways to change behaviour, with many residents not even knowing what an environmental weed is, especially as many are common garden plants. Doug has been to Australia several times but few people in his sessions have been interested in this topic. (Though one of his examples was to do with weeds in Toronto lawns). Is there anyone out there on the list that has used FSB methods for weedwork with urbanites, hobby farmers or commercial farmers?? And especially in SE Australia?

Karen Alexander

Southern Ranges
Environment Alliance
(east of Melbourne and Puffing Billy country for those in the know)