Arnica Rowan Kelowna April 25, 2009

Hi! My name is Arnica and I'm a long-time member of this forum but never have posted before.

I work for Okanagan College in BC, Canada. I've been doing the job of an interim Sustainbility Coordinator for the last two months and our new Sustainbility Team is recommending a long list of projects to make the campuses more sustainble. One of the projects is a community garden. We hope to partner with the local community garden association and donate the use of avery prominent corner of campus, near a main road, across ffrom a bunch of senior's condos. I'm meeting some resistance from the campus dean because of the possibilities of vandalism, and the garden looking neat and tidy.

Does anyone have research or cases that address these community garden issues of vandalism and/or appearance?

Thanks so much!

Arnica Rowan
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