Cassandra Allen Chicago Oct 9, 2015 22:29 pm

Hi everyone,

I am looking to create a CBSM campaign for reading reuse at my university. Our goal is to create a campaign that will encourage the reuse of readings (that professors require) amongst classes. We hope to create a way for students who have printed readings for their class to turn in these readings at the end of the term. Some incentive will hopefully be provided.

The idea of the campaign is to create "reading reuse boxes" that professors will keep for future classes that may read the same reading. After the initial turn in of readings, this box will be brought back at the beginning and end of following terms for students to borrow readings and return them again when they're done. Once all the readings in the box are handed out, those who print a reading will have the opportunity to either read online or (if they must) print a reading and then turn it into the reading reuse box when they're done. We are hoping to create a sort of "gift culture" where professors bring these reuse boxes and students from classes past can help future classmates save printing money and paper.

I'm looking for:
-Research on previous reuse campaigns
-Barriers for reuse campaigns (especially pertaining to this reading reuse)
-Benefits of reuse
-Prompt ideas, pledge/commitment ideas, event ideas, etc.

Anything would help!

We've created a bunch of ideas ourselves but I would love to hear the perspectives of others in the community!

Thank you so much!

Cassandra Allen
United States