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  1. CBSM Introductory Webinar: This 90-minute webinar provides an overview of community-based social marketing and how it is being applied throughout the world to foster sustainable behaviour. The webinar introduces the five steps of community-based social marketing (Selecting Behaviors; Identifying Barriers & Benefits; Developing Strategies; Piloting; & Broad-scale Implementation). This overview can be utilized to introduce colleagues or community partners to the process of community-based social marketing. Alternatively, it can serve as an executive briefing. Please note that the introductory webinar is a prerequisite for the other webinars.
  2. CBSM Behaviour Selection Webinar: Frequently, environmental campaigns mistakenly target behaviours that are of questionable importance or have little likelihood of being altered. This webinar provides a firm foundation for ensuring that your programs target worthwhile behaviours for change. Lasting 90 minutes, it introduces a methodology for selecting which behaviours are most worthwhile to target. The webinar begins by discussing how to identify which categories of actions are most likely to be important and, within these categories, which behavioural changes should be addressed first. Concepts such as end-state, non-divisible behaviour selection are introduced, as are how to determine the impact, probability and penetration of behaviours. At the end of this webinar, participants will have a thorough understanding of how to make informed decisions regarding which behaviours are most important to target.
  3. CBSM Strategy Development Webinar 1: Social scientists have researched a wide variety of “behaviour change tools” that can be utilized to foster the adoption of sustainable actions. This webinar introduces three such tools: (Commitments, Norms, & Social Diffusion), and illustrates when and how to use them.
  4. CBSM Strategy Development Webinar 2: Complementing "CBSM Strategy Development Webinar 1", this webinar introduces three remaining behaviour change tools (Prompts, Communication, & Incentives), and illustrates when and how to use them.
  5. CBSM Pilot Testing Webinar: Before broadly implementing a strategy, it should be piloted. This webinar introduces several types of pilot testing and explores when each should be used. In addition, it addresses how to select pilot participants, evaluate a pilot, and calculate return on investment.
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