Overcoming the Residential Misconception: Composting at Home

Douglas, D. (????). Overcoming the residential misconception: Composting at home. Town of Markham.

The Efficacy of the Block Leader Approach in Facilitating Composting

MacMillan, J. (1995). The efficacy of the block leader approach in facilitating composting. Fredericton, New Brunswick: St. Thomas University.

Regional Municipality of Peel 1993 Backyard Composter Program and Survey Final Report

Chubb, N. (1994). Regional Municipality of Peel 1993 backyard composter program and survey final report. Residential Waste Reduction Regional Municipality of Peel.

A Community Event: Backyard Bin Distribution Draws a Crowd

Gombos, S. (1994). A community event: Backyard bin distribution draws a crowd. BioCycle, October, 78-80.

Only Pay for What you Throw Away

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Motivating Desirable Waste Management Behavior: Applications of Behavior Analysis

Geller, E. S. & Lehman, G. R. (1986). Motivating desirable waste management behavior: Applications of behavior analysis. Journal of Resource Management and Technology, 15, 2 & 3, 58-68.

Deriving Interventions on the Basis of Factors Influencing Behavioral Intentions for Waste Recycling, Composting, and Reuse in Cuba

Mosler, H., Tamas, A., Tobias, R., Rodríguez, T., & Miranda, O. (2008). Deriving interventions on the basis of factors influencing behavioral intentions for waste recycling, composting, and reuse in Cuba. Environment and Behavior, 40(4), 522-544.
In this article the authors study existing waste-disposal intentions and behavior-influencing factors at the household level in Santiago de Cuba. The authors analyze the perceived…

Composting Markets

Karen Deeter Gainesville December 30, 2008 09:22 AM
The Florida legislature passed a bill last session requiring all counties in Florida to design and implement a composting program for at least 5% of organics by July 1, 2010. So …

Looking for Research on Barriers to Curbside Organics Collection over other Disposal Methods

Ron Jones Olympia March 30, 2009 02:59 PM
Greetings, Im looking for research, studies or information that looks at why residential households might not choose curbside collection of organics for composting over other d…

Information on Residential Organics Collection Depots

Jean-Louis Gaudet Brampton April 27, 2009 05:06 PM
Hi there, Would anybody be able ot point me to any literature or information on residential organics collection programs that use depots, as opposed to curbside collection. I w…
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