Energy Efficiency Means No Regrets

Assenza, Marit P (1996). Energy efficiency means no regrets. Forum for Applied Research and Public Policy , 11, 82-85.
Should we wait and see how hot it's going to get or should we act now to prevent global warming caused by greenhouse gases? Marit P. Assenza, a management consultant in Oslo, No…

A Small Business Guide to Environmental Management

Peat, Marwick, Stevenson & Kellogg A small business guide to environmental management. Vancouver, BC: The Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Why Don't People Weatherize their Homes?: An Ethnographic Solution

Wilk, R. & Wilhite, H. (1987). Why don't people weatherize their homes?: An ethnographic solution. Energy Efficiency: Perspectives on Individual Behavior, 51-68.

Answering Behavioral Questions about Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Stern, P. C., Aronson, E., Darley, J. M., Kempton, W., Hill, D. H., Hirst, E. & Wilbanks, T. J. (1987). Answering behavioral questions about energy efficiency in buildings. Energy, 12, 5, 339-353.
We identify behavioral questions that arise with 4 kinds of policy interventions for energy efficiency in buildings: information, incentives, standards, and technological research…

Participation in Household Weatherization Programs

Olsen, M. E. (1985). Participation in household weatherization programs. Marriage and Family Review, 9, 1-2, 151-173.
Contends, on the basis of research findings, that grant programs appear to be more acceptable to many households than are no-interest loan programs for promoting household weather…

Energy Conservation by Industrial and Commercial Users: Two Surveys

Oskamp, S. (1981). Energy conservation by industrial and commercial users: Two surveys. Journal of Environmental Systems, 10, 3, 201-213.
Industrial and commercial energy consumption is about 55 per cent of the U. S. total, but conservation efforts in those sectors have rarely been studied, and there are widely conf…

Superinsulated Houses: The Importance of Resale Value

Holt, D. (1987). Superinsulated houses: The importance of resale value. Energy Efficiency: Perspectives on Individual Behavior, 93-99.

Promoting Commercial Waste Reduction

Birett, M. & Buggeln, R. (1993). Promoting commercial waste reduction. BioCycle, July, 58-59.

Applying Social Psychology to Desegregation and Energy Conservation. Special Issue: Illustrating the Value of Basic Research

Aronson, E. (1990). Applying social psychology to desegregation and energy conservation. Special Issue: Illustrating the value of basic research. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 16, 1, 118-132.
Presents 2 examples of social psychology in action in dealing with an immediate crisis and a gradual problem. The immediate crisis occurred when a school system was desegregated, …

A Novel Conceptual Framework for Examining Environmental Behavior in Large Organizations: A Case Study of the Cornwall National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom

Tudor, T., Barr, S., & Gilg, A. (2008). A novel conceptual framework for examining environmental behavior in large organizations: A case study of the Cornwall National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom. Environment and Behavior, 40(3), 426-450.
This article is concerned with the development of a conceptual framework of the key antecedents that lead to sustainable environmental behavior amongst employees within a large or…

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