Invoking Social Norms:A Social Psychology Perspective on Improving Hotels' Linen-Reuse Programs

Goldstein, N., Griskevicius, V., Cialdini, R. (2007). Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 48(2), 145-150.
Social psychology theory can be applied to such mundane purposes as encouraging guests to reuse their washroom towels. In contrast to the appeals now in use to persuade guests to …

Prompting Electrical Energy Conservation in Commercial Users

Delprato, D. (1977). Prompting Electrical Energy Conservation in Commercial Users. Environment and Behavior, 9(3), 433-440.
Self prompting techniques were used to influence people to turn off lights in bathrooms. After consumers were given a method for self monitoring their behavior there was a signifi…

Dormitory Residents Reduce Electricity Consumption when Exposed to Real-Time Visual Feedback and Incentives

Petersen, J., Shunturov, V., Janda, K., Platt, G., & Weinberger, K. (2007). Dormitory Residents Reduce Electricity Consumption when Exposed to Real-Time Visual Feedback and Incentives. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 8(1), 16.
Purpose: In residential buildings, personal choices influence electricity and water consumption. Prior studies indicate that information feedback can stimulate resource conservati…

Social Norms: An Underestimated and Underemployed Lever for Managing Climate Change

Griskevicius,V., Cialdini, R.B., and Goldstein, N.J. (2008). Social Norms: An Underestimated and Underemployed Lever for Managing Climate Change. International Journal for Sustainability Communication, 3, 5-13.
It is widely recognized that communications that make social norms salient can be effective in influencing behavior. What is surprising, given the strength of the evidence, is how…

The Driver of Green Innovation and Green Image--Green Core Competence

Chen, Y. (2008). The driver of green innovation and green image--Green core competence. Journal of Business Ethics, 81(3), 531-543.
This study proposed a novel construct--green core competence--to explore its positive effects on green innovation and green images of firms. The results showed that green core com…

Taking the University to Task

Mansfield, William H., III (1998). Taking the university to task. World Watch , 11, 3, 24-30.
Students are challenging campus administrators to make the setting of their education more sustainable. University students in North America, Europe, and Australia have …

Emotional Subtexts in Corporate Greening

Fineman, S. (1996). Emotional subtexts in corporate greening. Organization Studies, 17, 3, 479-500.
Explores the view that pro-environmental organizational changes depend on the emotional meanings that managers attribute to greening, and discusses the strategic role of emotions …

Individual Environmental Initiative: Championing Natural Environmental Issues in U.S. Business Organizations

Andersson, Lynne M.; Bateman, Thomas S. (2000). Individual environmental initiative: Championing natural environmental issues in U.S. business organizations.. Academy of Management Journal, 43, 4, 548-570.
"Presents a framework describing how 3 activities--identifying, packaging, and selling--can lead to successful environmental championing. The authors explain how individuals, as e…

Planning for an Energy-Efficient Future: The Experience with Implementing Energy Conservation Programs for New Residential and Commerical Buildings

Vine, E. & Harris, J. (1988). Planning for an energy-efficient future: The experience with implementing energy conservation programs for new residential and commerical buildings. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California.

Environmentally Sustainable Economic Development Building on Brundtland

Goodland, R., Daly, H., & Serafy, S. E. (1991). Environmentally sustainable economic development building on Brundtland. The World Bank Sector Policy and Research Staff.

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