Re-Sale Value of Sustainable Buildings

Janelle Wallace Surry Hills (Sydney) Nov 10, 2005 21:45 pm
I am seeking research/data on the value of sustainable buildings around the following: Where a commercial or residential building has been retrofitted, has this changed the …

Barriers to Sustainable Housing

Sue Baker Brisbane Dec 2, 2005 7:53 am
Hi I'd like to list an item on Listserv regarding barriers to sustainable housing. "Brisbane City Council has introduced a Sustainable Housing Rebate. Under the program Coun…

Solar Energy Grants

John White Amherst Dec 7, 2005 21:27 pm
I am among a group of parents working to get a 50KW photovoltaic system installed on a school in Hadley. An application for funding from Mass. Technology Collaborative is going to…

Vending Miser Education

cdollard Jan 5, 2006 15:39 pm
We are about to install Vending Miser devices on the pop machines on campus. There has been some concern expressed that students will see the machines from a distance and since th…

CBSM Strategies for Energy Efficiency in Government

Cath Nind Jan 17, 2006 22:26 pm
Hi All, I am in the process of developing a CBSM strategy to reduce energy use within a large government department. Is anyone aware of successful internal government program…

Solar Thermal Technology

Charles Campbell Thunder Bay Jan 24, 2006 15:56 pm
Our organization is organizing a 2 day event to showcase solar thermal technology that is currently available for use in residential, commercial and industrial structures. We have…

Green Building Internship Request

kjuhouston Jan 31, 2006 20:16 pm
Hi, looking for any ideas on green "building" internships in the NYC area for this summer. I'm really interested in groups that take old homes/buildings and refurbish them wit…

Environment/Housing Linkages

Loretta Mamea Auckland Feb 6, 2006 18:44 pm
Hi there, I'm looking for some information on environment/housing linkages and was wondering if you could give me some directions on where to find relevant websites or articl…

Seeking Info on Green Business Rating Program

Mark Boulet m Feb 24, 2006 18:40 pm
Here at Environmental Victoria, we are currently developing a program of engagement and support for Vietnamese owners of small to medium businesses. After a comprehensive store au…

Tankless Water Heaters

jeanne mcconnell Mar 7, 2006 21:14 pm
Howdy! I'm looking for folks that have had experience with larger "Tankless Water heaters" applications for remote areas like Park settings. Some of our park occupancies are se…

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