Water Issues Quotation

Jan Aceti Brookline March 14, 2006 08:45 PM
I thought that those of you working on water issues would appreciate and perhaps have use for this vivid quote. In 2000, while serving as the president of a global non-profit wor…

Change Models for Community Environmental Initiatives

Ray Dart Peterborough April 03, 2006 07:28 PM
I am looking for both ideas and references in the area of logic models and/or change models, particularly as they apply to sustainability initiatives. I have been exploring the a…

Peer Groups

Tracey Griffin April 05, 2006 09:43 AM
Hi there does anyone have any information about their experience of peer groups In particular I am looking for some examples of terms of reference that may have been created…

Cognitive Mapping of Environmental Problems

Maurice Muise ottawa April 05, 2006 12:54 PM
Hi everyone, I'm interested to know if any of you have commissioned research using the 3CM (conceptual content cognitive map) technique. Our group is looking into conducting …

Behaviour Change Monitoring and Quantification

MBayer April 06, 2006 11:36 PM
Hiya all you agents for change, Just wondering if any one knew of any good online resources to assist in measuring and monitoring behaviour change outcomes in line with quan…

Changes in Media Use Habits

Jan Aceti Brookline April 09, 2006 07:03 PM
I am hoping that listserv members can point me towards studies or resources that will be helpful in answering the following questions: 1) Over the last 5-10 years, what have …

Intergenerational Sustainable Programs

Barry Weinbrom Brooklyn April 13, 2006 07:29 AM
Does anyone know of any intergenerational programs where young and old work together to support sustainabilty? Thanks Barry in Brookyn.  

Seeking Examples of Outcome Measures

farrell robbi April 24, 2006 02:59 PM
I am seeking some good examples of end outcome measures used in social marketing projects. I am most interested in both environmental and human health outcomes. I know that we mo…

Social Impact Filters

Richard Knaub April 28, 2006 08:42 PM
Our city is trying to balance social equity into the mix of environmental and economic initiatives. Were looking for examples of policy filters to trigger a closer look at social …

Energy for Breakfast, Help Needed

john chevalier May 02, 2006 09:47 AM
Hi Everyone I am doing research for an essay, on how much energy (in the form of oil) it takes to produce my breakfast on my table each day. I am having difficulty finding d…

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