Research Regarding the Adoption of Environmental Best Management Practices

Bryn White Penticton Oct 24, 2005 18:44 pm
Hi there. I am looking for evaluative research regarding the adoption and implementation of voluntary Environmental Best Management Practices (or Codes of Environmental Manage…

Information on Social Marketing Courses

Nguyen Trinh Hanoi Oct 26, 2005 6:19 am
Dear Doug and everybody, My name is Trinh Le Nguyen and am working as a leader of a small local nature conservation nonprofit in Vietnam called PanNature. I am writing to ask…

The Next Blue Box????

rvanwyns Oct 26, 2005 20:24 pm
Dear List Members: I am seeking your opinions and your ideas on what the next "Blue Box" could be for the sustainability movement. Is there another action that could as succes…

United Nations Decade on Education for Sustainable Development

prossi Nov 4, 2005 11:41 am
The UN has declared 2005-2014 the Decade on Education for Sustainable Development. Global Vision is developing a global curriculum for the UN which will be completed in 2007. The …

Articles on the Concept of Sustainability

Jennifer Walton Fort Collins Nov 11, 2005 18:07 pm
I'm writing a concept explication of sustainability. If you know of any good books/articles (beyond the obvious) that you think do a good job of explaining the concept, could you …

Our Common Future-How common?

Richard Knaub Nov 17, 2005 17:48 pm
As I read the postings on this list, I am stuck by how far afield many of them are from the issues that were raised in OUR COMMON FUTURE, the UN report which launched the sustaina…

Seeking Info on Effective Posters and Signs

Carolyn Masson Victoria Nov 18, 2005 22:55 pm
We're reaching out to people who play in sensitive natural areas, encouraging them to stay on established trails to avoid trampling rare species. Hikers, dog-walkers, mountain b…

Tools of Change Workbook Available

Unknown Nov 25, 2005 9:06 am
Just a short note to let list members know that the workbook, Tools of Change: Proven Methods for Promoting Environmental Citizenship, is available for free at the following addre…

Sustainability Process Approach

Richard Knaub Nov 29, 2005 18:39 pm
I recently had a discussion with a couple of Natural Step Process people about how to move American communities to towards sustainability. I like the Natural Step Process, coming …

A Story from Grist Magazine

Remy Rodden Whitehorse Nov 30, 2005 20:38 pm
I thought you might be interested in this feature in Grist Magazine: Things of Desire, by Marc Stoiber. Making sustainability sexy, from an ad man's point of view. http://grist.o…

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