Bird-Friendly Legislation in Toronto - Considerations for Halifax?

nicole February 12, 2006 8:03 am
From the American Bird Conservancy listserv: Bird-friendly legislation from Toronto Fatal Light Awareness Program | (FLAP) Toronto City Council yesterday adopted the reco…

Are you Interested in Gender Aspects of Climate Change?

redwards February 13, 2006 8:02 am
Dear All, I work for the Climate Action Network-Canada, the national coordinating body for non-government organizations pushing for rapid reductions in national and global gree…

Systems Thinking and Behavior Change

Deborah Grace February 13, 2006 20:35 pm
Hello BCSM Community, I am following as many of the interesting threads on this list as I can! Thank you for being such a great resource. I am curious to know if anyone on t…

Looking for a Universal Clearing House of Sustainability Educational Materials

David Burdick Milwaukie February 14, 2006 11:14 am
Hi Community, I'm teaching a survey course on sustainable business practices for a community college. I plan to cover the following topics: a.. state of the environment b.. s…

Benefits and Barriers of Flood Preparedness and Response

Neil Dufty Parramatta February 14, 2006 21:49 pm
I am researching benefits and barriers to the uptake of appropriate flood preparedness and response behaviours. I would also like to find out about successful CBSM programs for pe…

Feedback Requested on Graduate Sustainability Program at Antioch University & Independent Research Project

Pierre-Louis Alexis March 3, 2006 17:30 pm
Good morning all, I'm new to the listserv, and this is my first query. I am interested in the relationship between sustainability education and fine artist practices. I am co…

Lists of Green Behaviors for the Public

Unknown March 10, 2006 18:56 pm
As many institutions and non-profits are doing these days, our zoo is thinking of distributing a list of environmentally responsible behaviors (ERBs) to our visitors, both on-grou…

Looking for Effective Display Materials for Environmental Programs

simonebudd March 13, 2006 13:23 pm
I am searching for examples of/research on effective display materials for environmental programs. I manage a number of waste minimisation programs for different sectors of the co…

Chemists Teaching Chemists Sustainable Practices

Thomas Flanagan Boston March 13, 2006 20:22 pm
I am interested in social marketing within technical professional groups. I am aware of the Green Chemistry movement as one example. Green Engineering has joined in as well. A…

Looking for Effective Display Materials for Environmental Program

Fiona Campbell March 13, 2006 20:23 pm
Hi Department of Environment and Conservation in NSW has some great brochures that are online The Gould League have some gr…

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