Email 'Eco-Taglines'

Ben Frost Manchester October 18, 2008 01:25 PM
Hi, everyone: I've been wondering about the proliferation of email taglines that ask people to "consider the environment before printing this email." Considering the methods pr…

Bottled Water Ban

Holly Wilson-smith Oxford November 19, 2008 09:32 AM
I am working with a citizen's group, interested in exploring how best to minimize bottled water in City limits. I wonder if anyone in the network has educational/marketing strate…

Environmentally Responsible Purchase Behaviour: A Test of a Consumer Model

Follows, Scott B; Jobber, David (2000). Environmentally responsible purchase behaviour: A test of a consumer model.. European Journal of Marketing. , 34, 5-6, 723-746.
A consumer model of environmentally responsible purchase behaviour was tested using covariance structural analysis. The model successfully predicted the purchase of environmen…

Testing the Effectiveness of Supermarket-Based Environmental Shopping Campaigns in Changing Consumer Behavior in New York City

Clarke, Marjorie J. (Apr 2000). Testing the effectiveness of supermarket-based environmental shopping campaigns in changing consumer behavior in New York City. . Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: the Sciences & Engineering., 60, 9B, p. 4491.
To advance waste prevention research, this study tested two environmental shopping educational campaigns in Manhattan supermarkets to impart information and motivation to shop…

Antecedents of Green Purchases: A Survey in China

Chan, Ricky Y. K; Lau, Lorett B. Y. (2000). Antecedents of green purchases: A survey in China. . Journal of Consumer Marketing, 17, 4, 338-357.
Examined the influence of cultural values, ecological affect, and ecological knowledge on the green purchasing behavior of Chinese consumers. Data collection was carried out t…

A Study of Consumers' Recognition and Recall of Environmental Claims

Mark, P. A. F. (1999). A study of consumers' recognition and recall of environmental claims. Dissertation Abstracts International Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences, 59, 7-A,
The growth of consumers' environmental concern has led to a phenomenon known as 'green consumerism.' As a result of green consumerism, products with green marketing claims have mo…

Ecologically Friendly Buying--Theoretical Implications of a Phenomenological Perspective

Soler, C. (1996). Ecologically friendly buying--theoretical implications of a phenomenological perspective. Scandinavian Journal of Management, 12, 3, 275-289.
Presents an alternative approach to the study of ecologically friendly buying. The results of an empirical pilot study of 47 consumers are presented, showing that personal experie…

Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions of Agricultural Workers toward Disposable Protective Coveralls

Perkins, H. M., Crown, E. M., Rigakis, K. B. & Eggertson, B. S. (1992). Attitudes and behavioral intentions of agricultural workers toward disposable protective coveralls. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 11, 1, 67-73.
Examined the behavior intentions (BVIs) of 244 grain farmers (aged 22-65 yrs) regarding the use of disposable coveralls using M. Fishbein and I. Ajzen's (1980) theory of reasoned …

Prompting a Consumer Behavior for Pollution Control

Geller, E. S., Farris, J. C. & Post, D. S. (1973). Prompting a consumer behavior for pollution control. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 6, 3, 367-376.
Studied the relative effectiveness of different prompting procedures for increasing the probability that customers entering a grocery store would select their soft drinks in retur…

Assessing Environmentally Responsible Behaviour

Caltabiano, N. J. & Caltabiano, M. L. (1995). Assessing environmentally responsible behaviour. Psychological Reports, 76, 3, pt 2, 1080-1082.
Examined the environmentally responsible behavior practiced by 247 university students. Analysis showed that responsible behavior has 3 dimensions: Reusing/Recycling, Conserving, …

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