Application of Social Psychological and Evaluation Research: Lessons from Energy Information Programs

Dennis, M. L. & Soderstrom, E. J. Application of social psychological and evaluation research: Lessons from energy information programs. Vol. 11. 1988. 77-84.
Discusses applied social psychological research on the dissemination of energy-related information, focusing on evaluations in 4 types of information dissemination programs: speci…

Who Cares about Ecology? Personality and Sex Differences in Environmental Concern

Borden, R. J. & Francis, J. L. Who cares about ecology? Personality and sex differences in environmental concern. Vol. 46. 1978. 190-203.
Examined personality factors that underlie concern for ecological-environmental problems. 96 undergraduates with either high or low environmental concern were given the California…

Four Steps to Evaluating Environmental Education Learning Experiences. Conference of the North American Association for Environmental Education (1987, Quebec City, Canada)

Bennett, D. B. Four steps to evaluating environmental education learning experiences. Conference of the North American Association for Environmental Education (1987, Quebec City, Canada). Vol. 20. 1989. 14-21.
Proposes that the process of evaluating the effects of environmental education learning experiences on program participants involves knowing what evaluation is, its importance, ob…

What's in a Word? Plenty

Viederman, S. What's in a word? Plenty. June 24. 11.

Environmental Knowledge and Recycling Behavior as a Function of Attitudes and Personality Characteristics

Arbuthnot, J. Environmental knowledge and recycling behavior as a fuction of attitudes and personality characteristics. Vol. 1. 1974. 119-121.
Tested a numer of hypotheses regarding the relationship among (a) personality characteristics, (b) certain demographic factors, and (c) environmental attitudes, knowledge, and com…

When do People Act to Maintain Common Resources? A Reformulated Psychological Question for our Times

Stern, P. C. When do people act to maintain common resources? A reformulated psychological question for our times. Vol. 13. 1978. 149-158.
Discusses under what conditions people act to maintain common resources so that they will be useful to future generations. Research on individuals and social institutions that act…

Effects of Monetary Rebates, Feedback, and Information on Residential Electricity Conservation

Winett, R. A., Kagel, J. H., Battalio, R. C. & Winkler, R. C. Effects of monetary rebates, feedback, and information on residential electricity conservation. Vol. 63. 1978. 73-80.
Assigned 129 participant households in Texas during the summer to 1 of 5 experimental conditions: A high monetary rebate condition in which Ss received conservation information, w…

A Report on a Statewide Survey of Californians: Attitudes about Solid Waste Management

Public Response Associates, I. A report on a statewide survey of Californians': Attitudes about solid waste management. California State Solid Waste Management Board, 1981.

Attempts to Promote Residential Water Conservation with Educational, Behavioral and Engineering Strategies

Geller, E. S., Erickson, J. B., & Buttram, B. A. Attempts to promote residential water conservation with educational, behavioral and engineering strategies. Vol. 6. 1983. 96-112.
The water meters of 129 residences in Blacksburg, Virginia were read for 70 consecutive days. After 5 wks of baseline, state-of-the-art education, feedback, and engineering interv…

Residential Energy Conservation: The Role of Past Experience in Repetitive Household Behavior

Macey, S. M., & Brown, M. A. Residential energy conservation: The role of past experience in repetitive household behavior. Vol. 15. 1983. 123-141.
Discusses repetitive behaviors that conserve residential energy. Repetitive behavior is viewed as a function of past experience, attitudes, subjective norms, and intentions. Data …

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