Cognitive and Physiological Processes of Fear Appeals and Attitude Change: A Revised Theory of Protection Motivation

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Fear Arousing Persuasive Messages: Communication Yearbook 8

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Case Study of the Acid Rain Film Controversy: Political Propaganda or Environmental Education?

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In 1982 the National Film Board of Canada released an educational film, Acid Rain: Requiem or Recovery? Early in 1983 the U.S. Department of Justice labeled the film as "politica…

Are People Acting Irrationally? Understanding Public Concerns about Environmental Threats

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News stories about environmental events illustrate public concerns about environmental policy and regulations. Increasingly, public perceptions of risk and fear of cancer are infl…

Effective Dissemination of Energy-Related Information: Applying Social Psychology and Evaluation Research

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Discusses the limitations of previous energy conservation programs in affecting the behavior of individual consumers. Suggests that the rational-economic model upon which they wer…

Clinical Validation and Cognitive Elaboration: Signs That Encourage Sustained Recycling

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Three field experiments coupled the clinical psychology concept of validation with Elaboration Likelihood Model-Heuristic-Systematic Model theorizing to increase the influence of …

An Analysis of Normative Messages in Signs at Recreation Settings

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A systematic evaluation of signs and messages at 42 recreation areas in California and Arizona focused on type of site, managing agency, density of message locales, sign attribute…

Communications about Environmental Risks and Risk-Reducing Behavior: The Impact of Fear on Information Processing

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Examined the impact of fear on attitudes and the mediating role of information processing. Fear and argument strength were manipulated according to a 3 * 2 (Fear: Control vs M…

Effective Public Service Announcements: Linking Social Norms to Visual Memory Cues

Bator, R. J. (1997). Effective public service announcements: Linking social norms to visual memory cues. Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering, 58, 6-B,
The purpose of this research was to create and test the effectiveness of antilittering public service announcements (PSAs) that linked different types of visual cues to social dis…

Fear Appeals in Social Marketing Advertising

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This thesis includes several studies on the use of fear appeals in social marketing advertising. The first study uses a content analysis to examine the use of fear appeals in a sa…

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