Environmental Education and Attitudes:

Pooley, Julie Ann; O'Connor, Moira (2000). Environmental education and attitudes: Emotions and beliefs are what is needed. . Environment & Behavior, 32, 5, 711-723.
The main focus of environmental education programs has been to change environmental behavior through increasing environmental knowledge. As many environmental studies have f…

The Theory of Reasoned Action and Self-Construals: Understanding Recycling in Hawaii

Park, Hee Sun; Levine, Timothy R; Sharkey, William F (1998). The theory of reasoned action and self-construals: Understanding recycling in Hawaii. . Communication Studies, 49, 3, 196-208.
Used the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) to predict the behavioral intention to recycle among 201 undergraduate students (aged 18-52 yrs) at the University of Hawaii. Measuri…

Environmentalism of African Americans: An Analysis of the Subculture and Barriers Theories

Parker, Julia Dawn; McDonough, Maureen H (1999). Environmentalism of African Americans: An analysis of the subculture and barriers theories. . Environment & Behavior, 31, 2, 155-177.
The objectives of this study included (1) assessing the differences between African Americans' and Euro-Americans' environmental attitudes, (2) determining preferences for, an…

Is There a "Race" Effect on Concern for Environmental

Mohai, Paul; Bryant, Bunyan (1998). Is there a "race" effect on concern for environmental quality? . Public Opinion Quarterly, 62, 4, 475-505.
Examined racial differences in environmental attitudes and suggests 3 explanations for understanding racial differences in environmental concern: (1) hierarchy of needs, (2)…

Turning Minds On and Faucets Off: Water Conservation Education in Jordanian Schools

Middlestadt, Susan; Grieser, Mona; Hernandez, Orlando; Tabaishat, Khulood; Sanchack, Julie; Southwell, Brian; Schwartz, Reva. (2001). Turning minds on and faucets off: Water conservation education in Jordanian schools. . Journal of Environmental Education, 32, 2, 37-45.
Evaluated the impact on knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, of a high school water conservation curriculum implemented through the Jordan Water Conservation Education Projec…

Communications about Environmental Risks and Risk-Reducing Behavior: The Impact of Fear on Information Processing

Meijnders, Anneloes L; Midden, Cees J. H; Wilke, Henk A. M. (2001). Communications about environmental risks and risk-reducing behavior: The impact of fear on information processing. . Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 31, 4, 754-777.
Examined the impact of fear on attitudes and the mediating role of information processing. Fear and argument strength were manipulated according to a 3 * 2 (Fear: Control vs M…

Adapting Human Lifestyles for the 21st Century

Howard, George S. (2000). Adapting human lifestyles for the 21st century. . American Psychologist, 55, 5, 509-151.
A number of ecological problems (e.g., global warming, ozone depletion, deforestation, acid rain) have been identified, which threaten to reduce the quality of human life in t…

A Comparison of the Environmental

Hunter, Lori M. (2000). A comparison of the environmental attitudes, concern, and behaviors of native-born and foreign-born U.S. residents. . Population & Environment: a Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 21, 6, 565-580.
Offers an examination of environmental attitudes, concern, and behaviors among individuals presently living within the context producing contemporary American environmental …

The Prediction of Ecological and Enviornmental Belief

Hodgkinson, Shari P; Innes, J. Michael (2000). The prediction of ecological and enviornmental belief systems: The differential contributions of social conservatism and beliefs about money. . Journal of Environmental Psychology. , 20, 3, 285-294.
It is noted that the environment and the economy are 2 of the most pertinent issues of society and are increasingly perceived as inter-related, highlighting the significance o…

Environmentally Responsible Purchase Behaviour: A Test of a Consumer Model

Follows, Scott B; Jobber, David (2000). Environmentally responsible purchase behaviour: A test of a consumer model.. European Journal of Marketing. , 34, 5-6, 723-746.
A consumer model of environmentally responsible purchase behaviour was tested using covariance structural analysis. The model successfully predicted the purchase of environmen…
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