Norms of Social Conduct and the Foot-in-the-Door

Kilbourne, B. K. & Kilbourne, M. T. (1984). Norms of social conduct and the foot-in-the-door. Journal of Social Psychology, 123, 1, 13-20.
Using an account analysis (giving excuses or justifications for compliance or noncompliance) to indicate the operation of social norms, the foot-in-the-door (FITD) paradigm was in…

Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions of Agricultural Workers toward Disposable Protective Coveralls

Perkins, H. M., Crown, E. M., Rigakis, K. B. & Eggertson, B. S. (1992). Attitudes and behavioral intentions of agricultural workers toward disposable protective coveralls. Clothing and Textiles Research Journal, 11, 1, 67-73.
Examined the behavior intentions (BVIs) of 244 grain farmers (aged 22-65 yrs) regarding the use of disposable coveralls using M. Fishbein and I. Ajzen's (1980) theory of reasoned …

The Evaluation of Litter Behavior Modification in a River Environment

Wagstaff, M. C. & Wilson, B. E. (1988). The evaluation of litter behavior modification in a river environment. Journal of Environmental Education, 20, 1, 39-44.
Evaluated the use of behavioral techniques in modifying the litter collection behavior of commercial rafting groups. 87 treatment Ss and 76 control Ss participated. A verbal appea…

Environmental Interventions for Litter Control

Geller, E. S., Witmer, J. F. & Tuso, M. A. (1977). Environmental interventions for litter control.. Journal of Applied Psychology, 62, 3, 344-351.
In 2 experiments, customers entering a grocery store were given a handbill listing specially priced items, and later the disposal locations of handbills left in the store were rec…

The Effects of Environmental Concern on Environmentally Friendly Consumer Behavior: An Exploratory Study

Minton, A. P. & Rose, R. L. (1997). The effects of environmental concern on environmentally friendly consumer behavior: An exploratory study. Journal of Business Research, 40, 1, 37-48.
Examined the relative effects of environmental concern (a general attitude) and social norms pertaining to concern for the environment on 3 consumer behaviors and 6 behavioral int…

Responding to Environmental Concerns: What Factors Guide Individual Action?

Axelrod, L. J. & Lehman, D. R. (1993). Responding to environmental concerns: What factors guide individual action? . Journal of Environmental Psychology, 13, 2, 149-159.
Examined the motivational role played by 3 classes of outcomes (tangible rewards, social acceptance, and acting in accordance with one's principles) in predicting environmentally …

The Meaning of Normative Processes for Energy Conservation

Midden, C. J. & Ritsema, B. S. (1983). The meaning of normative processes for energy conservation. Journal of Economic Psychology, 4, 1-2, 37-55.
A national survey of 1,076 people was conducted in the Netherlands on attitudes, beliefs, norms, intentions, and behavior with respect to energy conservation. The questionnaire wa…

Shame and Embarrassment as Deterrents to Noncompliance with the Law: The Case of an Antilittering Campaign

Grasmick, H. G., Bursik, R. J. & Kinsey, K. A. (1991). Shame and embarrassment as deterrents to noncompliance with the law: The case of an antilittering campaign. Environment and Behavior, 23, 2, 233-251.
Presents data supporting the hypothesis that threats of shame, a self-imposed punishment, and threats of embarrassment, a socially imposed punishment, function much like threats o…

Social Structural and Social Psychological Bases of Environmental Concern

Dietz, T., Stern, P. C. & Guagnano, G. A. (1998). Social structural and social psychological bases of environmental concern. Environment and Behavior, 30, 4, 450-471.
Efforts to explain environmental concern as a function of social structure have revealed some weak but reliable associations. Stronger associations have been found between environ…

Values and Proenvironmental Behavior: A Five-Country Survey

Schultz, P. W. & Zelezny, L. C. (1998). Values and proenvironmental behavior: A five-country survey. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 29, 4, 540-558.
This multinational study examined the relationship between values, awareness of the consequences for environmental damage, ascribed responsibility, and proenvironmental behaviors.…

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