Persuasive Messages - Improving Active Transportation

Jan Aceti Brookline Oct 5, 2007 11:06 am
Hello, I am interested in learning whether there has been any research done on messages that are helpful in persuading local policy makers to allocate resources for improving…

Biking Regulations

lbv10 Oct 11, 2007 16:16 pm
Hello, Here are Penn State we are working on ways to help bikers and pedestrians share the sidewalks in ways that keep both safe. In the District of Columbia, they mandate tha…

Managing Volunteer "Alternative Transportation Champion" Program

Lisa Murawski santa barbara Oct 18, 2007 19:05 pm
Hi all, This is not as much fun as "nappies," but I want to know if anyone has recommendations for managing a volunteer program. Traffic Solutions is using CBSM techniques in…

Looking for Research on Barriers to Adoption of Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Rebecca Spring Toronto Oct 24, 2007 16:34 pm
Hello, I am looking for existing research on the barriers or benefits of adopting fuel efficient vehicles. I am aware of the work that has been done by Kurani & Turrentine i…


Greg Campbell Wellington Oct 25, 2007 16:10 pm
Hi everyone We are looking at ridesharing / carpooling as a possible response to congestion and sustainability issues (i.e. we are mainly interested in journey to work). Can …

Video-Conferencing vs Face to Face

Lisa Bridson Oct 30, 2007 21:52 pm
Hi One of the objections to video-conferencing is that people like the personal contact of a face to face meeting. Does anyone know of any research into the objections to vid…

CleanRun Behvaiour Change Initiative

Gareth Macrae Perth Nov 9, 2007 6:02 am
Dear all, I have recently taken charge of a behaviour change initiative that is part of a broader program to reduce Perth's diesel vehicle emissions. We are currently working…

Turning off Cars at Stop Lights-Anti-Idling Laws

patterson Nov 16, 2007 16:58 pm
I run a vehicle fuel efficiency program, and anti-idling messages are part of the mix - and generally create lots of discussions in the presentations I give. People often ask abou…

Conventions and Events Idling

Jeannette Sutton Denver Nov 30, 2007 16:45 pm
Has anyone done any work with event or conventions centers to reduce idling by shuttle vehicles and/or semi's delivering materials for large events? There are a few challenges: …

Seeking Information on Successful Carpool Programs

April Mcgrath Sydney Dec 5, 2007 12:11 pm
Hi, I'm searching for information on effective carpool programs, and trying to find some good examples as case studies. If you are familiar with such a program, especially on…
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