Commuting by Car or Public Transportation? A Social Dilemma Analysis of Travel Mode Judgments

Van Vugt, M., Van Lange, P. A. M. & Meertens, R. M. Commuting by car or public transportation? A social dilemma analysis of travel mode judgments. Vol. 26. 1996. 373-395.
Examined judgments regarding the decision to commute by car vs public transportation (PT) in terms of a conflict between immediate self-interest and long-term collective interest.…

Students' Perceptions of Difficulties in Cycling to School in Urban and Suburban Taiwan

Chang, H.-W., Chang, H.-L. (2008). Students' perceptions of difficulties in cycling to school in urban and suburban Taiwan. Transportation Research Record, (2060), pp. 123-130.
Previous research has identified the importance of cycling training programs and examined the relationship between cycling attitudes and the behavior of cyclists; another importan…

Transit Use at Transit-Oriented Developments in Portland, Oregon, Area

Dill, J. (2008). Transit use at transit-oriented developments in Portland, Oregon, area. Transportation Research Record, (2063), pp. 159-167.
Many regions throughout the United States are turning to various smart growth concepts, including transit-oriented development (TOD), to address a variety of concerns. Public agen…

Cycling for Everyone: Lessons from Europe

Pucher, J., & Buehler, R. (2008). Cycling for everyone: Lessons from Europe. Transportation Research Record, 2074, 58-65.
This paper investigates how bicycling can be promoted as a safe and feasible means of transport for everyone and for all trip purposes. The policies and programs needed to encoura…

Understanding and Mapping Institutional Impediments to Walking and Bicycling to School: A Case Study of Hillsborough County, Florida

Steiner, R. L., Bejleri, I., Wheelock, J. L., Boles, G., Cahill, M., Perez, B. O. (2008). Understanding and mapping institutional impediments to walking and bicycling to school: A case study of Hillsborough County, Florida. Transportation Research Record, 2074, 3-11.
The Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU) legislation calls for the establishment of a Safe Routes to School program in…

Commuting by Bicycle: An Overview of the Literature

Heinen, E., van Wee, B., Maat, K. (2010). Commuting by bicycle: An overview of the literature. Transport Reviews, 30(1), 59-96.
Commuting by bicycle has advantages over other modes of transport, both for the commuter and for society. Although cycling is an option for many commuters, a considerable number o…

School Travel Plans: Overcoming Barriers to Implementation

Baslington, H. (2008). School travel plans: Overcoming barriers to implementation. Transport Reviews, 28(2), 239-258.
The number of primary school children travelling to school by car has almost doubled in 20 years. A governmental policy response is to introduce school travel plans. The paper rai…

Factors Influencing the Decision to Drive or Walk Short Distances to Public Transport Facilities

Walton, D. & Sunseri, S. (2010). Factors Influencing the Decision to Drive or Walk Short Distances to Public Transport Facilities. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 4(4), 212-226.
Samples of drivers and walkers are examined to understand factors influencing the decision to walk. The driver sample was limited to those who lived within 1 km of the park-and-ri…

Influences of Built Environments on Walking and Cycling: Lessons from Bogotá

Cervero, R., Sarmiento, O. L., Jacoby, E., Gomez, L. & Neiman, A. (2009). Influences of Built Environments on Walking and Cycling: Lessons from Bogotá. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 3(4), 203-226.
Bogotá, Colombia, is well known for its sustainable urban transport systems, including an extensive network of bike lanes and set-aside street space for recreational cyclists and …

Declining Sustainability: The Case of Shopping Trip Energy Consumption

Kitamura, R., Sakamoto, K. & Waygood, O. (2008). Declining Sustainability: The Case of Shopping Trip Energy Consumption. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 2(3), 158-176.
As typical shopping behavior changed from foot-based visits to neighborhood shopping streets or corner grocery stores to auto-based visits to large-scale retail stores, shopping t…

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