Psychology and Sustainability: An Introduction

McKenzie-Mohr, D. & Oskamp, S. (1995). Psychology and Sustainability: An Introduction. Journal of Social Issues, 51, 4, 1-14.
A special issue on psychology and the promotion of a sustainable future. Topics discussed include sustainability as a social vision; education, the media, and tax refor…

The Theory of Reasoned Action and Self-Construals: Understanding Recycling in Hawaii

Park, Hee Sun; Levine, Timothy R; Sharkey, William F (1998). The theory of reasoned action and self-construals: Understanding recycling in Hawaii. . Communication Studies, 49, 3, 196-208.
Used the Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) to predict the behavioral intention to recycle among 201 undergraduate students (aged 18-52 yrs) at the University of Hawaii. Measuri…

The Cost of Reducing Municipal Solid Waste

Palmer, Karen L; Sigman, Hilary; Walls, Margaret (1997). The cost of reducing municipal solid waste. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management , 33, 128-150.
The writers examine three price-based policies for solid waste reduction, namely, deposit/refunds, advance disposal fees, and recycling subsidies. They parameterize …

Participatory Planning--A Heuristic for Adjusting Interventions to the Context

Matthies, Ellen; Kroemker, Doerthe. (2000). Participatory planning--A heuristic for adjusting interventions to the context.. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 20, 1, 65-74.
Past studies suggest that interventions can be optimally tailored to the specific situation by involving the target group in the planning stage of the intervention. A heuristi…

Taking the University to Task

Mansfield, William H., III (1998). Taking the university to task. World Watch , 11, 3, 24-30.
Students are challenging campus administrators to make the setting of their education more sustainable. University students in North America, Europe, and Australia have …

Environmentally Responsible Purchase Behaviour: A Test of a Consumer Model

Follows, Scott B; Jobber, David (2000). Environmentally responsible purchase behaviour: A test of a consumer model.. European Journal of Marketing. , 34, 5-6, 723-746.
A consumer model of environmentally responsible purchase behaviour was tested using covariance structural analysis. The model successfully predicted the purchase of environmen…

Testing the Effectiveness of Supermarket-Based Environmental Shopping Campaigns in Changing Consumer Behavior in New York City

Clarke, Marjorie J. (Apr 2000). Testing the effectiveness of supermarket-based environmental shopping campaigns in changing consumer behavior in New York City. . Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: the Sciences & Engineering., 60, 9B, p. 4491.
To advance waste prevention research, this study tested two environmental shopping educational campaigns in Manhattan supermarkets to impart information and motivation to shop…

Antecedents of Green Purchases: A Survey in China

Chan, Ricky Y. K; Lau, Lorett B. Y. (2000). Antecedents of green purchases: A survey in China. . Journal of Consumer Marketing, 17, 4, 338-357.
Examined the influence of cultural values, ecological affect, and ecological knowledge on the green purchasing behavior of Chinese consumers. Data collection was carried out t…

Effective Public Service Announcements: Linking Social Norms to Visual Memory Cues

Bator, R. J. (1997). Effective public service announcements: Linking social norms to visual memory cues. Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering, 58, 6-B,
The purpose of this research was to create and test the effectiveness of antilittering public service announcements (PSAs) that linked different types of visual cues to social dis…

Consumer Evaluation of Recycled Products

Mobley, A. S., Painter, T. S., Untch, E. M. & Unnava, H. R. (1995). Consumer evaluation of recycled products. Psychology and Marketing, 12, 3, 165-176.
Investigated 89 university students' evaluation of products regarding whether they were recycled vs nonrecycled, new vs established brand name, and related vs not related to perso…

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