The Transsituational Influence of Social Norms

Reno, R. R., Cialdini, R. B. & Kallgren, C. A. (1993). The transsituational influence of social norms. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 64, 1, 104-112.
Three studies examined the behavioral implications of a conceptual distinction between 2 types of social norms: descriptive norms, which specify what is typically done in a given …

Public Concerns about LLRW Facility Siting: A Comparative Study. Special Issue: Risk and Culture

Vari, A., Kemp, R., & Mumpower, J. L. (1991). Public concerns about LLRW facility siting: A comparative study. Special Issue: Risk and culture. Journal of Cross Cultural Psychology, 22, 1, 83-102.
Performed a comparative analysis of public concerns about siting low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) disposal facilities in the US, the UK, and Hungary. Analysis was based on publi…

Support for Environmental Protection: The Role of Moral Norms

Stern, P. C., Dietz, T., & Black, J. S. (1986). Support for environmental protection: The role of moral norms. Population and Environment, Behavioral and Social Issues, 8, 3-4, 204-222.
Presents a theoretical model that traces support for environmental protection to a social-psychological process involving the activation of moral norms against harming innocent pe…

Motivations and Barriers to Recycling: Toward a Strategy for Public Education

Simmons, D., & Widmar, R. (1990). Motivations and barriers to recycling: Toward a strategy for public education. Journal of Environmental Education, 22, 1, 13-18.
Conducted a study of 500 households to describe some of the forces that encourage recycling behavior. Questionnaire results suggest that recyclers were more likely to hold to a co…

Participation in Household Solid Waste Reduction Activities: The Need for Public Education

Simmons, D. A., & Widmar, R. (1990). Participation in household solid waste reduction activities: The need for public education. Journal of Environmental Systems, 19, 4, 323-330.
With landfills quickly reaching their capacities nationwide, public attention has begun to focus on ways of reducing the amount of solid waste produced. In 1985, Somerset County,…

Tin Recycling: Awareness, Comprehension, Attitude, Intention and Behavior

Kok, G., & Siero, S. (1985). Tin recycling: Awareness, comprehension, attitude, intention and behavior. Journal of Economic Psychology, 6, 2, 157-173.
Investigated factors that influence participation in a tin-recycling program. Three theoretical viewpoints are integrated in a stepwise model of participation: (1) attitude change…

Source Reduction and Recyclability: Promotion Strategies

Kashmanian, R. M., Kuusinen, T. L. & Stoeckle, A. (1990). Source reduction and recyclability: Promotion strategies. Resource Recycling, 9, 74-79.

Cognitive Consequences of Legislating Postpurchase Behavior: Growing up with the Bottle Bill

Kahle, L. R., & Beatty, S. E. Cognitive consequences of legislating postpurchase behavior: Growing up with the bottle bill. Vol. 17. 1987. 828-843.
Examined the variables of (1) attitudes toward returning bottles, (2) intentions, (3) behaviors, (4) subjective norms, and (5) habits as they function within the cognitive context…

Attitudes and Conditions for Cooperation in a Paper Recycling Program

Humphrey, C. R., Bord, R. J., Hammond, M. M., & Mann, S. H. (1977). Attitudes and conditions for cooperation in a paper recycling program. Environment and Behavior, 9, 1, 107-124.
Examined receptivity toward paper recycling in relation to people's accuracy with wastepaper separation among (a) personnel with 2 wastebaskets in offices, (b) personnel with divi…

Curbside Recycling in the U.S.A.: Convenience and Mandatory Participation

Everett, J. W. & Peirce, J. (1993). Curbside recycling in the U.S.A.: Convenience and mandatory participation. Waste Management & Research, 11, 49-61.
This research examines the relationship between the success of a residential curbside recycling program (RCRP), measured as material recovery rate (MRR), and two program factors: …

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