Well Water and Groundwater

Cathy Aspen Lethbridge January 30, 2009 01:55 PM
I'm am conducting a literature search on past efforts towards water well and groundwater marketing/education campaigns. Any information would be appreciated. Cathy Aspen Cana…

Using Prompts to Decrease the Amount of Lawn-Walking on a University Campus

Smith, J.M. (1992). Several antecedent strategies in reduction of an environmentally destructive behavior. Psychological Reports, 70, 241-242., ,
A literature review revealed that prompts could be an effective tool in decreasing the destruction of grass. Therefore, sign prompts were placed at four locations on a university …

Reducing Water Use in Luxury Condo

Jo Brooks La Jolla September 04, 2010 11:29 PM
As part of a sustainability class at UC San Diego, Im researching how to reduce water usage in a commonly metered luxury high rise (here in drought-prone Southern California) and …

Energy and Water Reduction: "Green" Hotels

Patricia Griffin created "Green" Hotels Association in 1993. The goal of this association is to reduce the amount of energy and water consumed by the lodging industry. GHA provide…

The Effect of Sign Prompts and Modeling on Encouraging Dog Owners to Pick-up Dog Droppings in Chicago, Illinois

Jason, L. A., Zolik, E. S., & Matese, F. J. (1979). Prompting dog owners to pick up dog droppings. American Journal of Community Psychology, 7, 3, 339-351.
After conducting a literature review, sign prompts and modeling were identified as effective tool for encouraging dog owners to pick up after their dogs. Therefore, these tools we…

Waterlife - Water Documentary Film

Jessica Happl Ontario June 12, 2009 11:42 AM
Waterlife is a newly released Canadian documentary on the Great Lakes that is of interest to many of us in the water business.  Check it out at: http://campaigns.hellocoolworld…

Innovative Uses of Compost: Using Microorganisms Instead of Pesticides for Farming

Farmers in the United States have been plagued for years by expensive unsustainable agriculture. More than 10 percent of the vegetables planted in the United States are lost to ro…

Information about Plastic Bottle Use

Liz Ostrowski University of Toronto February 22, 2010 08:40 PM
I am working on an assignment for school about the problems associated with the use of plastic bottled water. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could find information on the…

Use of Newsletters to Promote Environmental Political Action: An Experimental Analysis

Schroeder, S., Hovell, M., Kolody, B., & Elder, J. (2004). Use of newsletters to promote environmental political action: An experimental analysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 37(3), 427-429.
The managers of beach businesses were randomly assigned to receive no intervention or two newsletters per week for 6 weeks that presented economic consequences of damage to coasta…

How Cape Town used Behavioural Science to overcome its Water Crisis

Julie Cook Kitchener October 19, 2020 07:33 PM
Hi everyone, I've come across an interesting article from the Behavioral Scientist about Cape Town, South Africa using behavioural science to overcome its water crisis. The city …

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