Private Well Water Testing

Linda Dimock Waterloo April 28, 2008 12:49 PM
I am looking for social marketing efforts aimed at encouraging more people to get their private well water tested for bacteria, nitrate and fluoride levels. I am particularly inte…

Evaluating Adult Groundwater Education

Gerakis, A. (1998). Evaluating adult groundwater education. Journal of Environmental Education, 30, 1, 20-24.
The Michigan Association of Soil Conservation Districts and the Michigan Soil Conservation Service organized a series of 1-day groundwater education workshops throughout Michigan.…

Willingness to Pay or Intention to Pay: The Attitude-Behavior Relationship in Contingent Valuation

Luzar, E. J. & Cosse, K. J. (1998). Willingness to pay or intention to pay: The attitude-behavior relationship in contingent valuation. Journal of Socio-Economics, 27, 3, 427-444.
This study describes a conceptual model of the attitude-behavior relationship involved in the process of contingent valuation in an economic behavior context. Explanatory attitudi…

Resolving Social Dilemmas: Dynamic Structural And Intergroup Aspects

Foddy, M, & Smithson, M. (1999). Choice of transportation mode: Factors influencing drivers' willingness to reduce personal car use and support car regulations . In Garvill, J. (Ed.). Resolving social dilemmas: Dynamic, structural, and intergroup aspects. (pp. 263-279).
Examined the effects of a structural intervention with social-psychological implications, the introduction of domestic meters for water use, on water use and conservation attitude…

Innovative Uses of Compost: Using Microorganisms Instead of Pesticides for Farming

Farmers in the United States have been plagued for years by expensive unsustainable agriculture. More than 10 percent of the vegetables planted in the United States are lost to ro…

Seeking Info on HOA Water Reduction Programs

Tracy Boyle Denver May 09, 2007 05:39 AM
Does anyone have any experience in working with Homeowners Associations to reduce outdoor watering through installing ET Controller or other methods in the common areas? Any infor…

Looking for Information on Water Efficiency

Gregory Anderson Fredericton March 01, 2006 05:49 PM
Hi all, I am doing a seminar on water efficiency and am looking for any programs that have successfully reduced water consumption. If anyone knows of a successful program I wo…

Conservation Technology Adoption Decisions and the Theory of Planned Behavior

Lynne, G. D., Casey, C. F., Hodges, A. & Rahmani, M. (1995). Conservation technology adoption decisions and the theory of planned behavior. Journal of Economic Psychology, 16, 4, 581-598.
Explored the influence of perceived control on adoption of water-saving technology (conservation technology), and actual capital investment by the adopter, among Florida strawberr…

Use of Newsletters to Promote Environmental Political Action: An Experimental Analysis

Schroeder, S., Hovell, M., Kolody, B., & Elder, J. (2004). Use of newsletters to promote environmental political action: An experimental analysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 37(3), 427-429.
The managers of beach businesses were randomly assigned to receive no intervention or two newsletters per week for 6 weeks that presented economic consequences of damage to coasta…

How Cape Town used Behavioural Science to overcome its Water Crisis

Julie Cook Kitchener October 19, 2020 07:33 PM
Hi everyone, I've come across an interesting article from the Behavioral Scientist about Cape Town, South Africa using behavioural science to overcome its water crisis. The city …
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