We help organizations develop effective Community-Based Social Marketing programs that foster sustainable, healthy, and safe behaviors through world-class training and resources.

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Behavior change is difficult. We are here to help.

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We offer several virtual Introductory and Advanced workshops each year. You can also host a virtual or in-person workshop for your organization.


Explore Articles, Cases, Reports, and Forums across environment, health or safety topics with 100’s of behaviors specific to your area of focus.

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About CBSM

Learn the Steps of Community-Based Social Marketing

Traditional approaches of using ads, brochures or websites to encourage behavior change simply don’t work well. Community-based social marketing Is the cornerstone of sustainable and healthy behavior change programs across the globe.

  • Step 1
    Selecting Behaviors
  • Step 2
    Identifying Barriers & Benefits
  • Step 3
    Developing Strategies
  • Step 4
    Piloting Test Strategies
  • Step 5
    Implementing & Evaluating

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