Diffusion of Energy-Conserving Innovations

Darley, J. M., & Beniger, J. R. (1981). Diffusion of energy-conserving innovations. Journal of Social Issues, 37, 2, 150-171.
Suggests that people's decisions to adopt energy-conserving processes and products is a specific instance of the decision to adopt an innovation. Based on previous research, 8 dimensions by means of which energy-conserving innovations are evaluated are discussed. It is argued that people's perceptions of an innovation's characteristics, based on these dimensions, determine their decisions to adopt that innovation. Again, in keeping with past research, it is suggested that information that determines people's perceptions of innovations is more likely to be transmitted via social networks than mass media or other channels of communication. Taken together, these propositions form a theory of the adoption and diffusion of energy-conserving innovations; a research program is outlined that would provide support for the theory. (28 ref)
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