Lifestyle and Home Energy Conservation in the United States: The Poor Accept Lifestyle Cutbacks while the Wealthy Invest in Conservation

Dillman, D. A., Rosa, E. A., & Dillman, J. J. (1983). Lifestyle and home energy conservation in the United States: The poor accept lifestyle cutbacks while the wealthy invest in conservation. Journal of Economic Psychology, 3, 3-4, 299-315.

Examined data from a general population sample survey of 8,392 households in 10 western states. An index summarizing the extent to which Ss had taken lifestyle cutbacks was somewhat related in a positive direction to making temporary home adjustments to save energy, but was not related to taking permanent home-related energy conservation actions. Results do not support the hypothesis that being forced to take lifestyle cutbacks in response to higher energy costs increases the likelihood of making conservation actions. (18 ref)

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