A Performance Feedback Intervention to Reduce Waste: Performance Data and Participant Responses

Eldridge, L., Lemasters, S. & Szypot, B. (1978). A performance feedback intervention to reduce waste: Performance data and participant responses. Journal of Organizational Behavior Management, 1, 258-267.

A performance feedback system was designed to reduce waste in a production department. The intervention included a new feedback system, a stated goal, and contingent supervisory praise. Piece yield (a more positive measure of waste) increased substantially over baseline in five weeks and has remained steady at the new level for 12 months. Reaching this goal saved the company $105,000 in the first year. As part of the experiment, all the people in the department were interviewed regarding their subjective reactions to the new procedure. They reported better feedback, more contact with their supervisor, more job variety, and better understanding of quality standards.

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