Attempts to Promote Residential Water Conservation with Educational, Behavioral and Engineering Strategies

Geller, E. S., Erickson, J. B., & Buttram, B. A. Attempts to promote residential water conservation with educational, behavioral and engineering strategies. Vol. 6. 1983. 96-112.

The water meters of 129 residences in Blacksburg, Virginia were read for 70 consecutive days. After 5 wks of baseline, state-of-the-art education, feedback, and engineering interventions were applied according to a 2 (Education vs No Education) * 2 (Daily Consumption Feedback vs No Feedback) * 2 (Low Cost Conservation Devices vs No Devices) factorial design. Significant water savings occurred following only the installation of low-cost water conservation devices, although the amount of water saved with these devices (a daily average of 17 gallons) was much less than expected. Findings are discussed with reference to the development of cost-effective water conservation programs. (28 ref)

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