Who Cares about Water Pollution? Opinions in a Small-Town Crisis

Hamilton, L. C. Who cares about water pollution? Opinions in a small-town crisis. Vol. 55. 1985. 170-181.

Following the discovery that the water supply in a small New England town had become contaminated by industrial chemicals, a mailed questionnaire survey was conducted of water users (N = 239 Rs). Principal findings include: (1) Rs from more affluent households were more concerned about the problem; (2) long-term & older residents were less concerned; & (3) women with young children viewed the problem as particularly serious. The first two findings are consistent with previous research; the third had not appeared in environmental protection research, but is consistent with reports on the Three Mile Island (Middletown, Pa) nuclear contamination incident. Safety concerns may arise from environmental issues in the aftermath of technological catastrophes, & may eventually be generalized to concern for broader environmental issues. 2 Tables, 28 References. Modified HA

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