Tin Recycling: Awareness, Comprehension, Attitude, Intention and Behavior

Kok, G., & Siero, S. (1985). Tin recycling: Awareness, comprehension, attitude, intention and behavior. Journal of Economic Psychology, 6, 2, 157-173.

Investigated factors that influence participation in a tin-recycling program. Three theoretical viewpoints are integrated in a stepwise model of participation: (1) attitude change through communication; (2) relationships among beliefs, attitudes, intentions, and behaviors; and (3) acceptance of responsibility. The variables in the model were measured by means of mailed questionnaires completed by 586 20-65 yr old female inhabitants of a midsized town in the Netherlands. The results confirm the model. Facilitating and inhibiting factors are presented in detail. The theoretical viewpoints are discussed and practical recommendations are given to increase and facilitate participation in the recycling program. These recommendations include disseminating more information about tin recycling, giving practical instructions about how to recycle tin, and placing tin recycling containers at strategic points. (15 ref)

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