Psychological Factors Affecting Paper Recycling by Businesses

Oskamp, S., Williams, R., Unipan, J., Steers, N., Mainieri, T., & Kurland, G. (1994). Psychological factors affecting paper recycling by businesses. Environment and Behavior, 26, 4, 477-503.

Representatives of 92 major companies in Los Angeles County, California were interviewed on 8 practices: separating types of paper, using desktop recycling containers, using large collection bins, having an external contractor remove recyclables, maintaining program records, receipt of payments or discounts, goal setting for the program, and employing some strategy to encourage employee participation. Differences relating to size of company and age of the paper recycling program (PRP) were also examined. Three predictors were found to be associated with the dependent variable of whether a company has a PRP: (1) larger companies were found to be more likely than smaller companies to have PRPs; (2) companies that recycle other materials were found to be more likely to have PRPs; and (3) having other environmental programs was found to be marginally positively associated with having a PRP.

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