Leaders in Change: Solar Energy Owners and the Implications for Future Adoption Rates

Sawyer, S. W. (1982). Leaders in change: Solar energy owners and the implications for future adoption rates. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 21, 201-211.

Information on the characteristics of the initial wave of homeowners who installed solar energy systems is presented and then used to anticipate future solar market penetration patterns. Surveys of these adopters reveal high education and income levels; professional and executive occupations; economic, energy saving, and environmental concern as the prinicpal purchase motivations; and high satisfaction levels. As a group, these individuals conform to the early adopter type identified in innovation diffusion research rather than theĀ  innovator type that would be expected at this early stage of commercialization. This characteristic, the influence of economic motivations, owners high satisfaction levels, and the findings of other surveys indicate that widespread solar system adoption is probable if the initial high cost barrier can be reduced.

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