Attitudes toward Energy Conservation: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Samuelson, C. D., & Biek, M. (1991). Attitudes toward energy conservation: A confirmatory factor analysis. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 21, 7, 549-568.

Conducted a survey of citizens' attitudes and beliefs toward energy use and conservation in the southwestern US. A probability sample of 1,000 adults responded to a 10-item telephone survey. Confirmatory factor analysis replicated previous work (e.g., L. J. Becker et al; see record 1982-02280-001) by identifying the same 4 principal dimensions underlying energy use attitudes and beliefs: (1) comfort and health, (2) high effort-low payoff, (3) role of individual consumer, and (4) legitimacy of energy problem. Several demographic characteristics moderated consumers' responses to the survey items. Results reinforce the conclusion that future energy conservation campaigns should be sensitive to consumers' concerns about comfort and health.

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