Prompting Behavior Change in the Community: Use of Mass Media Techniques

Schnelle, J. F., McNees, M. P., Thomas, M. M., Gendrich, J. G., & Beagle, G. P. (1980). Prompting behavior change in the community: Use of mass media techniques. Environment and Behavior, 12, 2, 157-166.

Based on studies of US domestic energy consumption, it is contended that most Americans have not internalized an energy conservation ethic to any extent. It is asserted that in the US, energy is used to bolster individual self-esteem. Energy conservation tends to be viewed as cutting back on a vision of a better life inspired by the gospel of economic growth rather than as a preferred alternative lifestyle. Cultural changes, tied to conservation, may become a dominant trend of the middle class in the future. (28 ref)

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