Modification of Driving Behavior in a Large Transport Organization: A Field Experiment

Siero, S., Boon, M., Kok, G., & Siero, F. Modification of driving behavior in a large transport organization: A field experiment. Vol. 74. 1989. 417-423.

To change the driving behavior of mail-van drivers so as to encourage energy saving, a program was developed and implemented in the Netherlands Postal and Telecommunications Services (PTT). Based on empirical analysis, 3 approaches were used to influence driving behavior: providing information, providing task assignment and control, and providing feedback on gasoline consumption. The effectiveness of the program was tested in a field experiment. Attitudes, social norms, and reported behavior changed, and energy savings of more than 7% were achieved, compared with a control group. From an economic point of view, further implementation in the PTT organization could be attractive.

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