Reducing Energy Consumption: The Long-Term Effects of a Single TV Program

Winett, R. A., Leckliter, I. N., Chinn, D. E., & Stahl, B. (1984). Reducing energy consumption: The long-term effects of a single TV program. Journal of Communication, 34, 3, 37-51.

Investigated the effects of the delivery of a program through a cable TV system's public access channel on the consumer energy use of 150 households. The 20-min program emphasized the personal benefits to viewers who reduced their energy consumption and clearly demonstrated the practices that might lead to these benefits. The major dependent measure was electricity use, based on outdoor meter readings taken 3 times per week by a staff member. Ss were administered a measure of energy strategies used and a measure of what they learned before and after the program. Results indicate that, with minimal interpersonal support, the program promoted overall home energy savings of about 9-10% and more than twice that percentage on energy used for cooling throughout a summer. (23 ref)

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